Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee – Summary 11-01-2016

Pre-Council Committee Teleconference November 1, 2016

Opened with the prayer “O Heavenly King” at 10:00 PM EST.

Attendees: Archpriest Nikita Grigoriev, Hegumen Andrei, Hieromonk Ignatiy, D. Gontscharow, M. Kotlaroff and V. Yarmolinets.

  1. Discussed: how to react to the new charge of the heresy of schismoecumenism made by MA?

Resolved: Even though this charge is groundless, it will be discussed at the All-Diaspora Council.

  1. Status of presentations:

Resolved: to combine the topics “MA’s actions in light of teachings of the Gospel” and “Sobornost” into one presentation. The person assigned to the presentation will decide on the title.

Resolved: add another presentation, “The ROCA fragments from the perspective of the Canons.”

The teleconference concluded at 11:10 PM EST with the prayer “It is Truly Meet.”