Archbishop Sofroniy on receiving the Sekachev Bishops into ROCA.

Since many ask questions about the Sekachev group, I would like to say the following in this statement. It is my opinion that there was no   justification for us to quickly receive and recognize the clergy from the  uncanonical catacomb group called “The Sekachevs.” To this day those bishops received by us into the ROCA still have autonomous status as bishops of the catacomb Church, as stated in the “Act of Union of the Catacomb Orthodox Church Bishops and the ROCA” from August 25\September 7, 2008. This though does not excuse the responsibility for the uncanonical action we took, of which I was a part, knowingly or unknowingly. I also wish to ask for forgiveness from all church members for this uncanonical decision on our part, which led to legitimate grievances being made. I believe we should have elevated them through all the ranks of the clergy, starting with Reader, as prescribed in the ROCA Synod of Bishops decision from May 2\15, 1990.

Archbishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russian
August  24,  2016