Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee – Summary

Minutes from a teleconference meeting of the Pre-Council Committee on October 04, 2016.

The teleconference began with the prayer “O Heavenly King” at 9 PM EST.

  1. The rules regulating membership in the Council were discussed. It was decided that: a) women may not be members of the Council b) convents may send 2 representatives of the monastics c) proxies in lieu of votes are not allowed.

A final version of the Regulations will be sent to all committee members for approval and then published.

  1. Ask Bishops Andronik and Sophroniy to issue ukases; a) to the priests asking them to hold elections for members to the Council b) to begin taking collections in support of the expenses for the Council.

  2. It was decided to send out an appeal on behalf of the Pre-Council Committee to all priests who do not belong to the dioceses of Bishops Andronik and Sophroniy, and invite them to participate in the Council.

  3. A date for the Council was discussed. Ask Mark to gather a team for the running of the Council (transportation, lodging, meals).

A letter from the Fund of Assistance was received, where the directors of the Fund offer their help in organizing the Council. It was decided to ask the Fund to open an account for expenses related to the 6th All-Diaspora Council, and publish both the account information and the mailing address for sending donations.

  1. Ask Fr. Andrei to create and publish an email address for the Pre-Council Committee to allow people to submit questions and proposals to the Committee.

  2. It is important to contact the clergy to invite them to participate in the Council.

  3. It was decided to write an open letter to the Metropolitan to present our proposals for avoiding schism.

The teleconference concluded at 10:45 PM EST with the prayer “It is Truly Meet.”