Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee – Summary

Summary of a Teleconference Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee October 16, 2016

Participants: Abp. Andronik, Abp. Sophroniy, Hegumen Andrei, Hieromonk Ignatiy, Dimitri Gontscharow, Mark Kotlaroff and Vadim Yarmolinets Absent: Archpriest Nikita Grigoriev

  1. It was decided to draft and publish a response to Met. Agafangel to his invitation to Abps. Andronik and Sophroniy to attend the Council in Odessa.

  2. Proposed agenda for the All-Diaspora Council: a. A judgment by the 6th All-Diaspora Council of the actions of Met. Agafangel. b. Consider the possibility of creating Administrative Districts within the one ROCA.

  3. The following presentations are planned for the first agenda item: a. A review of the violations of the canons by MA. b. The decisions of Met. Agafangel in light of the teachings of the Gospel. c. The matter of the apostolic succession of the Sekachev bishops. d. Church publications of the ROCA and the Internet-Sobor website.

The following presentations are planned for the second agenda item: a. Administrative Districts and Ukase No. 362 b. The principle of Sobornost in the history of the Church.

  1. It is important to publish the explanation why Abp. Andronik rescinded his signature from the agreement with Met. Agafangel, signed in the presence of Met. Demetrius.

The teleconference concluded at 10:30 PM EST with the prayer, “It is Truly Meet.”