Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee – Summary November 15, 2016

Teleconference of the Pre-Council Committee
15-го ноября 2016 г.

Opened with the prayer “O Heavenly King” at 10:00 PM EST.

Attendees: Abp. Andronik, Archpriest Nikita Grigoriev, Hegumen Andrei, Hieromonk Ignatiy, D. Gontscharow, M. Kotlaroff and V. Yarmolinets.
Absent: Abp. Sophroniy

  1. Discussed: The Pre-Council Committee received a proposal from V. Zemlyakov asking not to call it an “All-Diaspora Council,” as it does not accurately describe the standing of our Council.
    Resolved: To not change the name of the Council. To publish an explanation by the Pre-Council Committee of why it is being called an “All-Diaspora Council.”

  2. Discussed: The proposal to include the subject “The Teachings of Met. Cyprian” in the Council agenda.
    Resolved: To not include it in the agenda of the Council in January. Postpone discussion of this topic until the next session of the Council, at which representatives from various “fragments” will be present.

  3. Discussed: To allow participating in the Council by Skype. Technical limitations at Mountain View only allow one Skype connection.
    Resolved: To allow the priests in Izhevsk to use this connection.

  4. Discussed: To have a second session of the Council.
    Resolved: The Local Council of 1917-1918 could not be concluded due to the political situation at the time. It was decided at the last session of that Council not to close the Council, and to allow Pat. Tikhon to convene the next session when conditions permit. Similarly, we can consider the Council in January to be the first session and postpone the next session until the appropriate time.

The teleconference concluded at 11:50 PM EST with the prayer “It is Truly Meet.”