Clarification by the Pre-Council Committee regarding the first item of the Council agenda: “An Evaluation of the actions of Met. Agafangel and his Synod.”

Numerous calls from bishops and laypeople demanding a canonical spiritual court adjudication of Metropolitan Agafangel went unanswered. According to the “Status of the ROCA,” a metropolitan can only be tried by a Council of Bishops of the ROCA. Since a majority of the bishops refrain from criticizing the metropolitan, or support him, it is difficult to expect an objective evaluation of his actions, even if such a trial would occur. Taking advantage of his position, Metropolitan Agafangel does not allow himself to be tried, though this does not free him from assuming responsibility for the decisions he has taken.

“An Evaluation of the actions of Met. Agafangel” as listed in the agenda of the VI All-Diaspora Council is not a session of a spiritual court. The task of the Council is to provide an evaluation of the unrest occurring in the Church in light of the Holy Canons and determine its source.