Meeting of the Pre-Council Committee – January 4, 2017

А Pre-Council Committee Teleconference was held on January 4, 2017

Opened with the prayer “O Heavenly King” at 9:00 PM EST.

Attendees: Abp. Andronik, Abp. Sophroniy, Archpriest Nikita Grigoriev, Hegumen Andrei, Hieromonk Ignatiy, D. Gontscharow, M. Kotlaroff and V. Yarmolinets.

  1. Many have asked the Pre-Council Committee about its relation to Patriarch Irineos.

We would like to state the following, we honor the act of moral courage and braveness exhibited by Patriarch Irineos, especially in his signing of the epistle condemning ecumenism. On the other hand, the fact that he has not made any official declarations of breaking with groups involved in ecumenism, does not make it possible at this time to establish Eucharistic communion with Patriarch Irineos.

  1. The Pre-Council Committee has once again received a suggestion to change the name of the “VI All-Diaspora” Council.

Resolved: The tight schedule of the Council does not permit the discussion of this matter. If they so desire, the delegates can make a motion to add it to the agenda when the Council begins.

  1. The Council sessions will be held in the church.

  2. The schedule of services during the Council was discussed.

Resolved: To replace the Compline and evening prayers originally scheduled for 7:30 PM each day with a Matins service.

  1. In regard to the threats of the Odessa Synod to forbid the delegates of our Council from serving and denying them communion:

The Pre-Council Committee reminds everyone that since August, 2016, Archbishops Andronik and Sophroniy and their dioceses adopted self-rule and decided not to recognize the decrees of the Odessa Synod. By this fact alone, the delegates of the VI All-Diaspora Council will not recognize the power of these punishments.

In answer to the punishment of the bishops abroad decreed by Met. Sergey, the Council of Bishops in 1934 stated in their epistle, “No one, especially a bishop, should consider themselves morally or canonically obligated to obey such a church authority, which is not concerned with the building up of the House of God, but for its destruction.”

The teleconference concluded at 22:50 PM EST with the prayer “It is Truly Meet.”