Resolution on the report on Ukase No. 362 and Church Districts

Resolution on the report on Ukase No. 362 and Church Districts

  1. Since a Supreme Church Administration does not exist at this time in the Russian Church, Ukase No. 362 is the guiding canonical principle of the Russian Church and provides the foundation for our life in the Church.

  2. In accordance with Ukase No. 362 and decisions of the Local Council of 1917-1918, the Russian Church must presently be made up of church districts, temporarily autonomous and in Eucharistic communion with each other. The number of church districts and their composition will be determined by current circumstances.

  3. The belief that only one Synod has the right of succession from the former ROCA, while all other “fragments” are schismatic groups, is a groundless misconception.

  4. The acronym ROCA is a symbol of historical memory and spiritual succession from the former Church Abroad. This term does not in and of itself have canonical meaning. Regardless of what acronym a “fragment” goes by, they are all parts of the Russian Church, whether they are located in Russia or abroad.

  5. Succession from the Church Abroad needs to be understood on a spiritual level, and not only in a formal, canonical way. The Synod of Met. Agafangel is totally alien to the spirit of the Church Abroad, which is one of the main reasons we are separating from him.

  6. At this time, we consider the establishment of Eucharistic communion between the divided parts of the once united ROCA to be our primary goal. The basis for this communion must be:
    a. The chirotonias must be canonical
    b. They must profess the Orthodox faith.
    c. They must oppose ecumenism and sergianism.
    d. The episcopate must lead a blameless Christian life.

* Ukase #362 of the Holy Patriarch, the Holy Synod and the Supreme Church Council of the RussianOrthodox Church on November 7/20, 1920.