Congratulations to the Bishop of Trenton and North America, the Right Reverend Stefan, on his 10th Anniversary of Consecration as Bishop, from the Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, the Right Reverend Andronik.

To His Grace, the Right Reverend Stefan,
Bishop of Trenton and North American

Dear Brother in Christ and Co-celebrant, Bishop Stefan!

I sincerely congratulate you on the 10th anniversary of your episcopal consecration. Ten years is not a long span in history, but at the same time, not a small period in a short human life. Your life in those years was filled with great trials, which you successfully overcame with God’s help. At the same time, along with these trials, the Lord sent you joyous moments; your heart was filled with joy and comfort at the sight of the growth and prospering of your flock.

I believe that one of the important moments in your episcopal ministry was the unification of the two parts of the Russian Church Abroad, which were divided and for a long time were not in Eucharistic Communion. By the Grace of God, we have overcome this challenge and we are now on the path of salvation together. It is very important, especially in our difficult times, to have a brother in Christ so close in spirit who can be relied upon for support in our common ministry of the Church of Christ.

I wish you good health, strength of soul and body and God’s help in toiling in the fields of Christ.

With love in Christ,

Your brother

Archbishop Andronik