Modern technologies help in the Church ministry

In life, there are different situations.  For instance when one wants to attend church services but can not be present due to one’s situation, modern technology can be of help here — for example, with streaming video on the Internet in real time.  The Dormition of the Mother of God parish, under the omophorion of Bishop of Trenton and North America Stefan (Sabelnik), has utilized this new technical achievement. So now, if one has no possibility of being present at the services, then through a computer with Internet or on a smartphone, you can watch and hear the services from the church which are broadcast on the parish website.

The parish is located in the city of Stafford, Virginia and the rector is the Reverend John Trepatschko.  Also the parish is served by Protodeacon Nicholas Trepatschko and Deacon Timothy Clader, who is currently based in Florida and administers to American veterans in Veterans Administration Hospitals where poverty cases and disabled military receive medical care.  The link to the parish web site is: