Minutes of the ROCA (Diaspora District) Conference of Bishops with the participation of the District Council

5 and 12 September 2018

Agenda for the Assembly:

  1. The Trenton and North American Diocese.
  2. The Holy Assumption Cathedral in Trenton.
  3. The consecration of Holy Chrism.
  4. Pastoral Courses.
  5. Celebrating the 10 th anniversary of the glorification of St. Philaret of New York.
  6. Diocesan website.

  1. A decision on the future of the Trenton and North American diocese will be delayed until
    after the 40 th day commemoration of the repose of Bishop Stefan. In accordance with the
    Regulations of ROCA, the Chairman of the Council of Bishops "in the case of a vacant
    episcopal see, will take upon himself temporary control of it." Thus, Archbishop Andronik
    will for the moment lead the Trenton diocese. The diocesan organizations, such as the
    diocesan conferences, of the Trenton and Syracuse dioceses will be merged.
  2. Hegumen Ignatiy (Krutkov) will be asked to serve at the Holy Assumption Cathedral as often
    as possible given his other obligations. We will seek a permanent cleric for the Trenton
  3. As our reserves of Holy Myrrh are substantial, we will delay the consecration of Holy Myrrh
  4. It was decided that we will organize a program of pastoral education to prepare candidates
    for the priesthood. It will be necessary to develop a methodology for distance learning. For
    example, lessons can be recorded on video to make them available to everyone.
  5. The celebration of the 10 th anniversary of the glorification of St. Philaret will be held on
    November 25, 2018.
  6. The diocesan website, rocana.org, is currently being revamped. Among the ideas being
    discussed is to link parish websites to the diocesan site. Those parishes that lack a website
    of their own will be able to have a dedicated page directly on rocana.org. The list of
    parishes can also include photographs of the churches and links to the parish website.