Bishops’ Conference with the participation of the District Council 22 February 2019

Attendees:  Archbishop Andronik, Bishop Andrei, Mitred Archpriest Mikhail Konstantinov, Mitred Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff, Archpriest Sergey Klestov, Priest Dimitriy Dobronravov, Priest Chad Arneson, Deacon Timothy Claider, Reader Aleksey Klestov, Dimitri Gontscharow, Mark Kotlaroff.



  1. The name of Archbishop Andronik’s diocese is changed to the Diocese of New York and North America.  Appropriate decrees will be issued to the clergy on the change in Archbishop Andronik’s title for commemoration during services.
  2. The name of the late Bishop Stefan’s diocese is changed to the Diocese of Trenton. As the Diocese of Trenton is a vacant, or “widowed,” diocese, it will be temporarily under the spiritual care of Archbishop Andronik.  The diocesan organizations (the diocesan council, church court, etc.) of the New York and Trenton dioceses will be merged.


Chairman of the Council of Bishops,

Archbishop Andronik



Bishop Andrei