Update on the Health of Father Victor from the ROCA Assistance Fund

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Assistance Fund of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and the family of Fr. Victor Zavodov sincerely thank everyone for their prayers and generous donations.

We are all very worried about Fr. Victor and about the state of his health.  The latest information that we have received from his son and wife is as follows:

Although recovery will take a long time, Fr. Victor’s condition is no longer life-threatening.  With every day he reacts more and more to what is happening around him.  He has made great progress in not needing the aid of life support devices.  Fr. Victor is breathing without assistance and is trying to eat on his own.  In this difficult time, it is very important that his family is with him and can provide all of the attention and care that he requires.

As we advised in our last communication, the Fund provided assistance in completing the guest visa application for Matushka Vera.  Despite the documentation provided by the hospital, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow declined to schedule a visa interview on an expedited basis.  Matushka and her children were advised that they would have to follow standard application procedures and that the current waiting period for a visa interview was 300 days.  The Fund contacted the offices of the U.S. Congressman from the Albany, NY district and with their help, the family was scheduled for the interview on August 1st.   Matushka Vera received a visa and will soon be travelling to the United States to be with her husband.

Matushka has asked that we express her gratitude to all who have responded to the request for assistance.

May God protect you.

August 5th, 2019