An Update from the ROCA Fund for Assistance on the Health of Fr. Victor

Since our last update, much has occurred.  The delays in arranging for a visa interview and receiving the visa for Matushka Vera were successfully resolved with the assistance of the local Schoharie area U.S. Congressman.

Alexandra Zudenko, one of the directors of the Fund, met Matushka  Vera at the airport and then arranged her stay near the hospital where Fr. Victor is being treated.

A week after the arrival of the matushka, Archbishop Andronik, Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff and Priest Dmitry Dobronravov came to anoint the ailing Fr. Victor.

After the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Vladyka Andronik together with Fr. Gregory came to give Holy Communion to Fr. Victor.  This was the first time since his stroke that Fr. Victor could receive Communion as he is now able to swallow on his own.

With the arrival of Matushka Vera, Fr. Victor’s health showed marked improvement.  He is learning to eat on his own, and he has good movement in his left hand and left side.  He is also learning to stand up and of course, has already remembered how to be cross with his spouse.

Fr. Victor is able to speak a few words and consciously nods his head, reacts to commands and can move.  His right side is still lagging but here as well improvements are also evident.

With all her heart, Matushka Vera thanks everyone for their prayers and support.