Fr. Victor Zavodov Returns To Russia

We are pleased to inform everyone that Fr. Victor Zavodov has made steady progress in recuperating from his illness, especially since the arrival of his beloved Matushka Vera.  Fr. Victor’s recovery has been such that he has been cleared to travel back to Russia to continue his rehabilitation.   Although providence has given Fr. Victor a very challenging trial, it is evident that God has not left him to face this ordeal alone and is watching over him.  For example, the neurologist who took on Fr. Victor’s case is a native Russian who has been able to communicate with Father and his family in their native language.  The doctor has cared for Father as he would for one of his own family.  The doctor is also accompanying Fr. Victor from the hospital all the way on the plane to Russia, where he will help Fr. Victor get situated in Moscow.  A member of the Holy Trinity Church parish in Astoria, NY, Vladimir Solntsev has also taken the time to accompany the family and doctor in their travels and to assist them however he can.

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, a group of the ROCA faithful, including Hegumen Ignatiy (Krutkov) and Father Dmitriy Dobronravov, traveled to the airport to wish Father Victor and his Matushka Vera a safe journey back to Russia.  As Matushka Vera has often said, the support of the faithful in the U.S., Canada, and around the world, has been of incalculable benefit to Fr. Victor and his family, and their gratitude is boundless.

Prior to the airplane’s departure, Fr. Dmitriy offered Fr. Victor Holy Communion.  Fr. Dmitriy also recited prayers for a safe journey and blessed everyone with holy water.

We all wish Fr. Victor a continued, speedy recovery and look forward to hearing about his progress back to good health.