Assistance for Fr Chad and Family

With the blessing of his eminence Archbishop Andronik, Father John Trepatschko has organized the following fundraiser:

1. Father Chad Arneson, Matushka Lydia and their six children need our help.

2. Father Chad is a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under his eminence Archbishop Andronik 

3. He and his family embarked on a project to move their new mission parish from their home in Rathdrum, Idaho to a new location on donated property near Moscow, Idaho.

4. This move required them to leave their modest but comfortable rented farm home, Father Chad’s home business (teaching voice and piano), and supportive local community.

5. God permitted that their trust was misplaced, and they soon found themselves in considerable trouble and eventually, homeless. The family endured a great deal of stress for many months. Father Chad has moved to a home in need of much repair in a small Arkansas town, located in the Ozarks in the northern part of the state.

6. With God’s help, Father Chad has been able to move his family to safety in this new home, and with the help of his son, he is disposing of their remaining property in Idaho so that they can complete the moving process.

7. Completing the move will be expensive. Father Chad will have to make many repairs to the new house to make it decently habitable. Other building projects will be necessary for their safety and maintenance.

8. Father Chad intends to start a business in order to support the family; the town is very receptive to newcomers and he has already made helpful contacts.

9. A great sorrow in the failure of the Idaho mission was leaving behind several new friends in the area, who had expressed an interest in Orthodoxy.

10. Father Chad, Matushka Lydia and their family look forward to starting their new life in Arkansas, and particularly to re-establishing an Orthodox mission. They hope that True Orthodox who wish to move their families to a part of the country that offers a lifestyle based on traditional family values – not to mention excellent opportunities in real estate and
entrepreneurship – will visit, explore the area, and decide to remain.

We entreat your help – financial if you can, practical if you are able to travel – to help Father Chad and his family prepare their new home and start their new Mission. In any case we entreat your prayers!