Bishops’ Teleconference with the participation of the District Council of the ROCA, December 22, 2020

Meeting agenda:

1. Pilgrimage to Serbia and Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the ROCA

2. Acceptance of bishops and clerics from other jurisdictions into communion.

3. Our relationship with Met. Filaret (Semovskih)


1. Vl. Andronik and other participants in the trip to Serbia described their impressions. It was, indeed, a grace-filled communion in the spirit of Christian love.

2. The following question was discussed: although we have established Eucharistic communion with the STOC, we remain administratively independent. In what cases should we inform Vl. Akakije when making certain decisions?

The “Provisional Regulations of the ROCA”, on the basis of which our District Abroad was formed in 2017, says the following: “Decision to accept bishops and clergy from other Orthodox jurisdictions into church communion is included in the purview of the district Council of Bishops.” (III. 8). That is, the consent of bishops from other Districts of ROCA or other Local Churches is not required. However, in order to maintain brotherly love in the event of important decisions of general church significance, it is advisable to consult with the bishops with whom we have communion.

3. Since September 2020 Vl. Filaret (Semovskih) has been serving in our parish in Brisbane. This helped to bring his and our parishioners together, who are now united into a “one flock.” Although communion has not yet been formally established between us, it already exists at the parish level. We must try in every possible way to instill in our flock the understanding that the various church groups formed by those who did not accept the unification of ROCA with MP in 2007 are not different churches, but parts of one ROCA.