Pilgrimage to Serbia and Russia – summer 2021

Dear brothers and sisters,

The ROCA Assistance Fund, with the blessing of vladika Andronik, Archbishop of New York and North America, invites everyone on a pilgrimage trip “The History of the Creation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. New Era”.

The trip will take place from July 31 to August 16, 2021. Below is an approximate timetable for the pilgrimage. Please note that it may change depending on the restrictions of the countries introduced due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Travel details and excursions schedule will be published after May 15, 2021.

If you are interested in spending time in joint prayer, touching the millennial Orthodox history and shrines of Serbia and Russia, please contact us about your intention to join the pilgrimage.

The trip provides for the travel of children aged 10 and older without parents and from 7 years with their parents. The monasteries will host a children’s Orthodox program.

For all questions about the preliminary schedule, as well as about transport, accommodation, cost, etc., please contact tel. 845-825-9949 or email RocaAF@gmail.com. Participants can optionally choose to travel only to Serbia or only to Russia.

Preliminary timetable for the pilgrimage:

July 31 to August 8 – Serbia. 8-day tour of the Orthodox shrines of Serbia with a professional guide. Belgrade. Church of St. Sava Serbian, Russian Church of St. Trinity, Russian cemetery and a copy of the Iverskaya chapel. Fruska Gora with the monasteries of Krushedol, Grgeteg, Novo-Hopovo (the former monastery of the sisterhood of the Lesninsky monastery). Novi Sad with the Cathedral of St. George. A trip to the town of Bela-Crkva, one of the Russian tsarist emigration to the territory of Yugoslavia after the October Revolution and the Civil War. In Bela-Crkva, the Memorial Room of Russian Cadets (a gallery of documents, photographs, paintings, books belonging to cadets and schoolgirls of the cadet corps), the Russian Church of St. John the Theologian, the Russian immigrant cemetery, and the Golgotha ​​monument are visited. Visit to the Milkovo monastery. After the revolution, the Milkov Monastery became a Serbian-Russian monastery, the most important center of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in Serbia. In the port of the monastery is buried Schema-Archimandrite Ambrose Kurganov, the rector of the hieromonk of six Russian emigrant monks who arrived at the Milkov Monastery in 1926. The first monastery contains one of the copies of the Akhtyrka Icon of the Mother of God and a particle of the relics of St. John of Shanghai. And many many others.

Visit to the monasteries of our sister Serbian Church Uteshetelevo and Novo-Stennik. Meeting with Vladyka Akaki, Abbess Efrosinya. For children, it is possible to participate in a children’s Orthodox camp in the mountains (Kuchaiskie mountains).

August 8 to August 16 – Russia. Bogoyavlenskiy Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Residence of Vladyka Sophrony. Accommodation in a monastery. Camp for children. 2-day excursion to St. Petersburg.