If we break with the Odessa synod, we will lose contact with the family of antiecumenical Churches?

These are very unfortunate circumstances, though it does not follow at all that we will fall away from the Church because of this division. To confirm that, let us consider, for example, the synod of Archbishop Tikhon (Pasechnik), who is not in communion with the Kallinikos synod. Let us ask ourselves, why? Is the synod of Archbishop Tikhon less Orthodox than the Odessa synod? Certainly, not. It can be explained by developments in the relations between the bishops of both synods, a topic best avoided at this time. For the fact that the Odessa synod, out of all the other “fragments,” is in communion with the Kallinikos synod is no more than a historical coincidence, and conclusions of a canonical nature cannot be derived from this circumstance. One must remember that the Greek True Orthodox Churches are in a similar “fragmented” condition. For example, the bishops of the Synod in Resistance would most probably not agree with the contention that before they joined with the Kallinikos synod, they were outside of the Church and their mysteries were invalid.