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Faith and Delusion Reprinted

The book "Faith and Delusion" by Father Nikita Grigoriev has been reprinted again and is available, with the blessing of Archbishop Andronik, at some of our parishes or directly from Fr. Nikita at email Nikita@justleanback.com. This book looks at the entire history of the human relationship with God from an Orthodox Christian perspective. It is unique in its scope, clarity and conciseness. 

A partial quote from Anthony, an authoritative book reviewer that gave it a five star rating:

"This book is one of the finest and most thought provoking I have read in a long time. They say God talks to a man through his heart, and this book has certainly spoken to my heart. Father Nikita's knowledge of science, secular and biblical history is absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended reading for Orthodox Christians or those interested in biblical history from an Orthodox Christian perspective."

Individual purchases are $25 USD and $30 CND plus shipping. Parishes please inquire regarding parish pricing and volume discounts.